October 2018 Community Association Minutes




St. Helena Community Center Association

October 9, 2018

There were no meetings during July, August, and September.

Present were Alice Southerland, Jim and Jackie Davis, Ann Mizerak, and Mary Bakan. A guest at the meeting was John Leimone.

All present enjoyed refreshments.

Ann said that approval of the road sign (historical marker) that she applied for was deferred.

Alice has talked with Mike Taylor about the marker. The sign at the depot was paid for by the depot committee.

On motion by Jackie Davis, and seconded by Ann Mizerak, minutes of June 12, 2018 were approved by all.

On motion by Mary Bakan, and seconded by Jim Davis, the financial report given by Jackie Davis was approved unanimously.

Jim wanted to know about the sign.

Jim suggested doing our own sign.

Alice mentioned that the council might pay for it. She felt that St. Helena is different from Castle Hayne. Hugh McRae was brought up and discussed. Mike Taylor told Alice that it would be better if we did our own sign. Jim wondered what it would cost. John wondered where on 117 it could be placed.

The meeting was then adjourned.


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