January 2019 Community Center Association

St. Helena Community Center Association

January 8, 2019

There were no meetings in November and December.

Present were Alice Southerland, Jim and Jackie Davis, and Mary Bakan.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all present.

Alice told the group that membership fee was $15 per year and $50 each time the hall was used. She already had three using it at this price.

Mary Bakan went over expenses of the hall that the Village of St. Helena was paying at this time. Gas for heating estimated at $600 per year, electric $55 per month, cleaning of septic system $250 every two years, water $28 monthly, mowing of grass $45 each time mowed, phone and internet cost $148 monthly, and insurance $700 per year. In addition to this, repairs need to be made at times.

Alice is planning to work on a historical road sign to recognize nationalities that settled in St. Helena beginning with 1905.

The meeting was then adjourned.