May 2019 Planning Board Minutes

Planning Board Minutes for the May 2, 2019 meeting

Attending the meeting were Chairman Jimmy English, Planning Board Member Gerald Velie, ETJ representative Hersey Fennell,  Planning Board member Katrina Banks, St. Helena Planner Kim Rivenbark, and Louis Hesse (the building inspector). Absent was Nathaniel Coleman who is St. Helena's attorney.

In the audience was Village Clerk Mary Bakan, Brad Sedgewick from JBS consulting, and Ehsan Khani who represented Westgate automobile dealerships.

Discussed was the new Jeep dealership for Westgate.


Mr. Sedgewick made a request to move in a trailer and be allowed to use that trailer for a temporary sales office. After much discussion, it was decided that it could be used for 120 days. If a permit is not issue during that time, the mobile unit must be moved on day 121. Mobile unit must not be used over 18 months.


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