December 2018 Council Minutes


Village of St. Helena Town Board Meeting and Public Hearing

December 13, 2018

Present were Mayor Robert Barnhill, Mayor Pro-Tem Judy Katalinic, William Hunter, Nancy Jones, Kaye Knowles, Margaret Brinzey, Louis Hesse, and Nathaniel Coleman.

In the audience were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baker, Charles White, F.W. Jones and Mike Frazier.

Mayor Barnhill called the public hearing to order. The public hearing was a request from Charles White to change two parcels (3228-56-1335-0000 and 3228-56-6456-0000) from R-20 to I-1.

Louis pointed out that the parcels were originally I-1. Charles White spoke about squaring off the land and that the solar people were interested in buying these parcels.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by William Hunter, the public hearing was adjourned unanimously.

Mayor Barnhill called the regular meeting to order. Margaret Brinzey led the prayer.

On motion by Judy Katalinic, and seconded by William Hunter, minutes of November 15, 2018 were approved unanimously.

Mayor Barnhill questioned a request from Westgate for a subdivision and rezoning.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by Kaye Knowles, the financial report was approved unanimously.

The rezoning request from Charles White was discussed. Judy pointed out that the Village of St. Helena pays nine cents per one hundred dollar evaluation for fire tax. The tax rate collected for St. Helena is five cents. State sales tax received is based on population. People moving into the Village of St. Helena brings in money as sales tax; business takes out money due to fire tax being supplemented. In Judy’s opinion, it is best to leave it as R-20 for that reason.

Nathaniel Coleman said that St. Helena has a “negative tax base”.

Mayor Barnhill explained that previously Mr. White came before the board requesting to change these two parcels from I-1 to R-20. At that time, Mr. Barnhill stated that it would not be changed again.

On motion by Judy Katalinic, and seconded by Margaret Brinzey, the rezoning request was denied unanimously.

Charles White said that he wants public sewer to run to his property.

Bill Baker wants public sewer for his property, since property across the street has sewer.

Mayor Barnhill talked about the length of e-mails sent from the Advisory Transportation Committee.

A public hearing was set for a rezoning request from Westgate at the January 2019 meeting.

Mayor Barnhill asked about repairs to Memory Lane. William Hunter is working on this. Fairfield drive needs a little repair since the hurricane.

William Hunter mentioned that the D.O.T. was going to patch up Northwest Avenue.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, the meeting was adjourned unanimously.

Refreshments were enjoyed after the meeting.