May 2019 Council Minutes



Village of St. Helena Town Board Meeting

May 16, 2019

Present were Mayor Robert Barnhill, Mayor Pro Tem Judy Katalinic, William Hunter, Nancy Jones, Kaye Knowles, Margaret Brinzey, and Louis Hesse. Absent were Nathaniel Coleman and Kim Rivenbark.

In the audience were Brad Sedgwick (JBS Consulting) and Eshan Khani representing Westgate. Also in attendance were Surveyor Horace Thompson and David Harts.

Mayor Barnhill opened the meeting and prayed.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by Kaye Knowles, minutes of April 18, 2019 were approved unanimously.

On motion by William Hunter, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, the financial report was approved unanimously.

Brad Sedgwick started to speak on Westgate mobile unit only to be cautioned by Louis Hesse not to. This would come up in the quasi-judicial hearing.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by Kaye Knowles, the quasi-judicial hearing was set for 5:30 p.m. on June 10, 2019.

Louis Hesse pointed out that he had doubled permit fees at the tractor dealership because of two buildings.

Horace Thompson requested signed paperwork for David Harts property. Nathaniel Coleman

and Louis Hesse both need to sign off on this.

Remodeled shipping containers were discussed.

On motion by Judy Katalinic, and seconded by Kaye Knowles, the meeting was adjourned unanimously.


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