August 2019 Council Minutes


Village of St. Helena Town Hall Meeting

August 15, 2019

Present were Mayor Robert Barnhill, Mayor Pro-Tem Judy Katalinic, William Hunter, Nancy Jones, Kaye Knowles, Margaret Brinzey, Nathaniel Coleman, Louis T. Hesse, and Kimberly Rivenbark.

Attending the meeting from GreenGo were Christine Valcourt and Padraig O’Doherty who is construction manager of the solar farm in St. Helena.

Mayor Barnhill called the meeting to order and led the prayer.

On motion by Kaye Knowles, and seconded by William Hunter, minutes of July 18, 2019 were approved unanimously.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by William Hunter, the July 2019 financial report was approved unanimously.

Louis Hesse introduced Padraig O’Doherty who gave an update and condition of the St. Helena solar farm. He pointed out that 22 holly trees were planted along the fence. There were still some things that need to be done.

Judy asked “When will the solar farm will be in operation?” Mr. O’Doherty hoped by the end of the month.

William Hunter asked that the fence be extended and Mr. O’Doherty said that was no problem.

A contractor will keep an eye on the solar farm.

Margaret Brinzey and William Hunter wanted to know what happens if a storm takes place.

Mr. O’Doherty commented that the solar panels are built to withstand bad weather.

Nancy Jones was interested in knowing if there were any recyclable places nearby.

William Hunter and Nancy Jones said that they did a good job on the solar farm.

A picture of the solar farm was presented.

Louis Hesse had another issue. A contractor may want a text change in reference to solar panels on a residence.

Nathan pointed out that Duke Energy does not pay feedback on extra energy that gets fed back into the grid.

William Hunter feels that only enough panels be installed to meet a homeowner’s needs.

In addition, Louis brought up the fact that he got a call in reference to a New Hanover County company wanting to put a compost system in St. Helena. Judy was informed that septic sludge, restaurant leftovers, and wood chips were some of the products that will be placed on site. The company will sell the compost. The land is sixty (60) acres located near West Main Street Annex.

Judy was concerned that hunting dogs could get sick from eating refuge, and Nancy commented that the compost could possibly attract wild animals.

Louis had one last item. Scotch Bonnet has requested a solar farm on the west side of the McLean property and some on Charles White’s land.

William Hunter discussed work on Fairfield Drive by W.E. Newton.

On motion by Kaye Knowles, and seconded by Nancy Jones, the meeting was adjourned unanimously.