March 2019 Council Minutes


Village of St. Helena Town Board Meeting

March 21, 2019

Present were Mayor Robert Barnhill, Mayor Pro-tem Judy Katalinic, William Hunter, Nancy Jones, Kaye Knowles, Margaret Brinzey, Nathaniel Coleman, and Kim Rivenbark. Absent was Louis Hesse.

Attending the meeting were David Harts, Barbara Tokoly Harts, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stewart-Taylor, Surveyor Horace Thompson and Charles White.

Mayor Robert Barnhill called the meeting to order and led the prayer.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by William Hunter, minutes of February 21, 2019 were approved unanimously.

On motion by Kaye Knowles, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, the financial report was approved unanimously.

Jon Stewart-Taylor passed out copies of definitions and his proposed resolution dealing with outdoor lighting.

Mayor Robert Barnhill tabled the request for a resolution to allow time to investigate the matter.

David Harts came to the meeting about land behind his mother’s house. He was upset about not being able to put a double-wide mobile home on this property. Road frontage of at least 90 feet is required.

Barbara Harts talked about trash in the ditches. William Hunter advised her to contact the D.O.T..

On motion by William Hunter, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, a bid from W.E. Newton Jr. for $14,500 to repair Memory Lane was approved unanimously.

Charles White wanted his land removed from the Village of St. Helena. He suggested raising taxes to cover the fire tax.

The Village of St. Helena residents have not been paying the fire tax. The village pays the fire tax of nine cents per $100 valuation. The village also pays for picking up the trash and recyclables.

Judy Katalinic pointed out that on a $200,000 house, the tax bill will increase from $100 to $280 if the fire tax was added.

Judy Katalinic said that the population determines sale tax revenue.

Charles White wanted permission to the state about getting his land out of St. Helena. Attorney Coleman said that the Council could not act on that request.

On motion by William Hunter, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, the meeting was adjourned unanimously.

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