December 2019 Council Minutes


Village of St. Helena Town Hall Meeting

December 19, 2019

Present were Mayor Robert Barnhill, Mayor Pro Tem Judy Katalinic, Councilman William Hunter, Councilwoman Kaye Knowles, Councilwoman Nancy Jones, Councilwoman Margaret Brinzey, Building Inspector Louis Hesse, Attorney Nathaniel Coleman, and Planner Kim Rivenbark.

Others at the meeting were Cornelia Barnhill, Robin Hesse, Kenneth and Karen Barnhill, and Carey Childress.

Robert Barnhill called the meeting to order.

William Hunter led the prayer.

On motion by Kaye Knowles, and seconded by William Hunter, minutes of November 21, 2019 were approved unanimously.

On motion by Kaye Knowles, and seconded by Judy Katalinic, the November 2019 financial report was approved unanimously.

Robert Barnhill was sworn in as mayor by Mary Bakan. Cornelia held the Bible.

William Hunter, Nancy Jones, and Kaye Knowles were sworn in as council members by Mary Bakan.

Judy Katalinic was nominated by Nancy Jones to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

On motion by Nancy Jones, and seconded by Margaret Brinzey, Judy was unanimously re-elected Mayor Pro Tem.

Kim, Nathan, and Louis gave an update on the Westgate situation.

Margaret Brinzey talked about trash on roads.

Mayor Barnhill said a thank you to everyone.

On motion by Margaret Brinzey, and seconded by Kaye Knowles, the meeting was adjourned unanimously.

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